Welcome to Squashin’ It

Here at Jupiter Ridge Farm we just love squash! We love to grow it, eat it, cook it, and just generally talk squash. Every fall, once our farmers market table is full of these beauties, we get asked everything from ‘How do I grow it?’ , ‘How do I cut it?’, ‘How do I cook it?’ all the way up to ‘What the heck is it?’ (for some of our more unusual heirlooms). Squashin’ It is an effort to demystify these delicious & delightful, vined & voluptuous, round, rotund, oblong, and oft overlooked culinary treats.

(left to right) Long Island Cheese, Mini Blue Hubbard, Carnival Squash, Winter Luxury Pumpkin

This is an open-source/open pollinated project and will constantly be in a vegetative state growing and expanding as more people contribute.We hope to hear from you, however in the meantime we will be reaching out to farmers, breeders, seedsters, chefs, consumers, and old timers, to bring you up to speed on everything you didn’t even know you didn’t know about SQUASH!

Acorn and Carnival ready to roast