What’s life without taking a second to inhale, exhale, and appreciate the folks that have helped get you to where you are now? This project would be absolutely overwhelming (not to mention anxiety-inducing to this millennial) without the contributions of fellow farmers, food enthusiasts, chefs, and friends. Deep down, if I’m honest, I know every single one of these wonderful writers, fantastic photographers, envelope-pushing culinary artists, and industrious farmers has something other than squash on their plate. Knowing this, I am filled with gratitude and truly humbled by the early interest. If it were 2004 we’d give “shout outs” but seeing as to how its 2019, we are gonna take this chance to link to our contributors’ social media (Insta, FB, Twitter) or business website, alongside a brief description and a photo to spread the love. Speaking of it being 2019 and all, Squashin’ It is all about that CONTENT! If you find yourself with any of that sweet, sweet squash OC send it our way, and you can see yourself here!


Perched high above the Turkey River Valley in the Driftless region of Iowa, Jupiter Ridge Farm focuses on resiliency through diversity. We grow between 50 and 70 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, perennials and multiple varieties of mushrooms . Adrian White and Will Lorentzen are the driving forces behind Jupiter Ridge Farm and Squashin’ It. As a team, we have been loving, laughing, living, and working (hopefully in that order) towards our dream of owning our own farm since beginning as humble interns in 2010. The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust, or SILT, helped us realize our goals through their mission of supplying young farmers with affordable land access and an opportunity to build equity through home-ownership. The land stays in a one-of-a-kind sustainable agriculture trust to protect it in perpetuity. With almost two decades of experience on farms between both of us, we know where our passion sits- in producing, preparing, and eating organic vegetables (currently working towards certification by end of 2019). We serve upwards of a dozen restaurants mainly in the Dubuque and Cedar Rapids area and you can catch us almost every week, year round, at the Dubuque Farmers Market or Dubuque Winter Market. www.jupiterridgefarm.com Jupiter Ridge Farm on Facebook Jupiter Ridge Farm on Instagram

Here is a quick list of everyone that has contributed so far, it will be expanded with more info once we hear back from everyone about what website/bio/photos they want to use.

Turkey River Farm Elkport, IA

Forrest Kelly of Onion Grove, Clarence IA(no website, but this guy is a SERIOUS grower! Find him at Iowa City Farmers Market)

Blue Barrel Produce, Kieler WI

Aaron Gougis, Dallas TX

Humble Hands Harvest, Decorah IA